PDManager Features


Online suite of professional development activities
  • Enables teachers to securely register their PD attendance without completing paper forms.
  • Individual staff accounts.
  • Leverages technology to improve efficiency and access to information.

Web-based service
  • No hardware to install or configure.
  • No need to worry about data backups or security.
  • No software upgrades to install.
  • Accessible from any computer connected to the Internet. (home computers) Available 24x7.

Multiple requirements tracking
  • Handles all professional development activities for teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Tracks VIT standards (Optional - Vic. Australia Only).

Portfolio transcript access
  • All users can request a report of their Professional Development attendances in any selected year.
  • Reduces discrepancies between individual and school records.

Online forms creation and editing
  • Create and edit your own online forms without learning HTML or programming.
  • Simplifies maintenance.
  • Highly customisable.

Automatic email notification
  • No need to login unless you have PD registrations to process.
  • Teaching staff are automatically notified of PD request decisions.

Budget tracking
  • Easily monitor your spending.
  • Clear summary reporting.

Certificate printing
  • Individual staff can print their certificates anytime for any selected year.
  • Upload your existing PD records from EXCEL.
  • Instruction manual available in electronic and hard copy format.