PDManager Pricing

PD Manager is provided as software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for schools. Software-as-a-service refers to software made available through the internet rather than being installed within an office. With SaaS, initial capital costs to purchase the PD Manager software licence are eliminated in return for a small monthly fee or invoiced annually

Pricing for annual subscription
0-40 Staff Users : $220.00 AUD
40-80 Staff Users : $440.00 AUD
80-120 Staff Users : $660.00 AUD

Subscription Options

Privacy Policy
Data collected by PD Manager is only available for use by the participating school and staff. Data is not shared or sold to any external or third parties. Data will be deleted at the termination of a school subscription. Staff professional development records are only viewable by the participating staff member and the school's designated PD manager(s).